thoawSA: Phase Two Crowdfunding Campaign

 Phase One Implemented November 15-20, 2013

The heART of a Woman Project South Africa (thoawSA) is an initiative to empower women impacted by poverty through mobile photography. Our pilot project was was implemented at eKhaya eKasi Art & Education centre in Khayelitsha, a Cape Town township in November 2013.

Why Mobile Photography?

So much can be accomplished with one mobile device from taking the photo, to post processing (editing), to sharing on social media to printing photographic products through apps.

While the globally developed world has been progressing along with the technology advances, much of the less developed communities have not had the same access and therefore have not had the same opportunities.

Phase One:

After crowdfunding for phase one,  Andrea returned to eKhaya eKasi with 11 donated previously owned iPhones. In 11 days, 9 women from Khayelitsha learned how to use an iPhone, photography and social media. Each participant was given 200 postcards of one of their images to sell at eKhaya eKasi, an art & education centre in their community where the workshop was held. We have recently acquired our first retailer, The Backpack.

The power is not only in the talented and very capable women who can create quality images using a mobile device, but that they are empowered, are engaging on social media and are connecting with people from around the world.

Photography is more than art; it is a creative outlet, it is a voice and it is a source of income for a group of women from a Cape Town township. 

The heART of a Woman Project (THOAW) is committed to providing on-going guidance, support and education to aid the women of Project South Africa on their path to sustainability.

What Will Your Donation Go Towards?

    • Phase Two On-Site Workshops
    • Photography Exhibition & Opening Reception (1 year anniversary)
    • Production of additional products (greeting cards & coffee table book) and sample products
    • Transportation or petrol for offsite trips (photowalks, printer, distribution)
    • Internet for on-going social media
    • Produce perks, paypal fees

During my visit to South Africa in 2012 I learned of Ubuntu, a wonderful philosophy and a beautiful word in the Xhosa language, the language of Nelson Mandela and the ladies of The heART of a Woman Project South Africa.

In summary as explained by Nwabisa, it is a very powerful word that means ‘humanity’. Ubuntu speaks of the interconnectedness of all people. It means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are.’ A wooden sign with the word sits on a shelf at eKhaya eKasi.

I don’t have a solution to end poverty, but I have a skill I can teach and a way to earn some income. Small steps lead to bigger steps. This is not a handout, it is teaching skills and simply giving them the same access that most of us take for granted. This is about long term sustainability.

We invite you to become a part of this life-changing initiative by becoming a donor, sponsor or volunteer/ambassador and help spread the word.

This project relies on the interests and good will of individuals and businesses that recognize how important it is to transfer skills and empower women.

For media and sponsorship inquiries, please contact Andrea at connect @ heartofawomanproject .com


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