The heART of a Woman Project

Postcards from Khayelitsha: The heART of a Woman Project South Africa (thoawSA)

The Heart of a Woman Project  (THOAW) is an initiative founded by Andrea Rees, a professional photographer of 11 years.

Mission: To provide education in photography,  mobile technology and social media to women impacted by poverty.


  • December 2012, Andrea visits Khayelitsha & eKhaya eKasi for the 1st time
  • May 2013, Andrea competes in G Project with the ‘idea’
  • Sep/Oct 2013, our 1st crowdfunding campaign
  • November 2013, Andrea returns to eKhaya eKasi with 11 donated previously owned iPhones. Nov.15-29th, 2013, THOAW’s pilot workshop & program, Project South Africa #thoawSA was implemented.
  • November 30, 2013 each participant received 200 postcards of one of their images to sell. The 1st 15 postcard packs sell out in 24 hours to supporters in Canada, USA & UK
  • February 2014, participants receive earnings from postcard sales
  • February 2014, Matador Network & Marie Claire Brazil publish interviews with project founder, Andrea Rees
  • VadoVia, an iPad app provides Bronze Sponsorship
  • February 2014, Nwabisa Ndongeni becomes Project Leader
  • March 2014, we acquire our first retailer in Cape Town, The Backpack
  • April 2014, we acquire our 1st retailer in USA, Art Aids Art
  • April 2014, our 2nd crowdfunding campaign for Phase Two
  • May 2014, Andrea to return to eKhaya eKasi

Photography is more than art; it is a voice, it is a creative outlet and it is a source of income for a group of women from a Cape Town township.

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